Questions & Answers

Q:  Looking for new or used?

A:  We would like to help you find a camper that best fits your financial budget and needs.

Q:  Will you be towing this camper or will it be placed at a seasonal campground?  IF towing, what is the towing vehicle: Year-Make-Model and size of engine?

A:  The towing capacity of the tow vehicle will dictate what size camper you should be looking for.  Size of towing vehicle and engine=amount that can be towed=size of camper.

Q:  Are you looking for a couples trailer or a family size camper?  How many are you planning on traveling with?

A: Buying the right size camper is important

  • Couples trailers:  Preferences are available for a large living room, kitchen or bathroom.  Color choices are also, a thought.

  • Bunkhouses:  Preferences in the number of bunks you will need. Color choice again. And certain models have double size bunks.  

Q:  Would you like a slide-out in your camper?

A:  Campers are available with 0-5 slide-outs.

Q:  Would you like Aluminum Skin Walls or Fiberglass?

A:  Aluminum skin /traditional construction carries a more conservative price tag, and fiberglass is a bit more of an upgrade.

Q:  Do you have a trade?

A:  Year-Make-Model. We will let you know your current NADA value of your camper.

Q:  Will you be financing?

A:  We work with local lenders and would be happy to help you get financing that best fits your budget.  You may have the opportunity to finance additional accessories, such as brake control and hitches. It is always helpful to have a down payment before submitting on application with ay financial institutions.  

Q:  What maintenance responsibilities are suggested after purchase?  

A:  We offer a full demonstration on how to use your new home on wheels on the road.  Services offered there after, such as, winterizing, dewinterizing, sealing your unit and storage.  We suggest that you become familiar with the seals and construction of the exterior of your camper.  The best way to maintain the sealants is to do quarterly checks on all seals on roof, sides and windows of campers.